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What is the Knock Home Swap Program?

Knock Is A Mortgage Lender That Provides A Unique Solution Of Utilizing A Homeowner’s Existing Equity To Make Offers On Their Next Home Without The Contingency Of Selling Their Existing Home.  Many home sellers need to sell their current home before they can qualify and have the funds needed for their next purchase.  The option of buying and selling at the same time requires a contingency on the offer for your replacement home.  Today’s real estate market in Phoenix, AZ is fast paced and seller driven.  With multiple offers on most listings, it is difficult to have contingent offers considered, when other offers are just as attractive without a contingency. Knock Home Swap Is the Only Conventional Home Mortgage Product That Can Be Funded Before A Customer’s Existing Home Is Sold Or Even Listed For Sale.  

Although Similar In Ways, You Shouldn’t Confuse Knock With Hard Money Bridge Home Purchase Loans.  Traditional Bridge Loans Are Often Associated With High Interest Rates And Considerable Cash-On-Hand Requirements.  The Knock Home Swap Provides A Cost-Effective And Time-Sensitive Solution For Home Sellers Who Need To Sell Their Current Home Before Qualifying To Purchase Their Next Home. 

Knock’s Does This By Allowing Homeowners To Borrow Against Their Current Home’s Equity for a one-time low percentage fee of their next purchase.

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The Knock Program:

  • Is a method of using your current home’s equity to make non-contingent offer on you next home 
  • Allows sellers to use their current home’s existing equity toward a down payment of 20% on their next home Purchase
  • allows seller’s to buy their next home first and sell their existing home later for full market value 
  • Will Advance sellers up to $25,000 of their existing home’s equity for home improvements to maximize Value  before listing their home for sale
  • Will Advance Sellers up to 6 months of current mortgage payments from the existing home’s equity

Benefits of Knock Home Swap:

  • Make offers on your next home without the stigma of a contingency
  • Sell your home without the worry of keeping it ‘show ready’
  • Move Only Once
  • Increase cash sale proceeds from repairs you can now afford to do
  • No Need to live around a construction mess while upgrading

Save Thousands compared to iBuyer options like Open Door, Offer Pad, Zillow, Doug Hopkins and others who only buy at discounted prices because they have to resell it for a profit.

  Allows You To…

Allows You To…


Buy your Next home before Selling your Current Home

make NON-Contingent Offers on your new purchase

make only 1 mortgage payment at a time

receive an advance of up to $25,000 on your equity to be used for home improvements before you sell

Sell your home with more convenience without living there

For A One Time Low Fee of 1.25% on your new purchase price 

Compare This Cost To Temporary Housing and Moving Twice

Here’s How the Competition Works and Compares:

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The Real Estate Agent’s Role in The Home Swap Process

The Agents at Talbot Team are your arizona Knock Certified Real Estate Professionals. 

*Only Knock certified agents can facilitate a Knock Home Swap Real Estate Sale and Purchase

Here’s what the agents at Talbot Team do:

  • Initial assessment of your Knock funding eligibility and limits
  • Determine eligible price range for your next home using current home’s equity
  • Refer to Knock Loan Specialist for official qualifying process
  • Draw, deliver, negotiate and close a non-contingent offer for your next home purchase
  • Help seller determine value for sale of current home
  • List existing property for sale – Click Here to see how we maximize the sale of your home

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Who is eligible?

  • Homeowners with at least 30% equity
  • Homeowners with a minimum 620 credit score
  • Residential Primary Owner-Occupied Site Built Single Family Detached, Condo, Townhouse or Patio Homes
  • Homes that must qualify for standard conventional financing
  • Loan amounts on new purchases of up to $548,250
  • Purchase prices up to $850,000 on New Purchases

Knock May Not Be The Perfect Fit For Every Seller

Don’t worry, you are in good hands.
The agents at Talbot Real Estate Team have decades of experience filled with finding solutions for every Real Estate need.

All Done Right Here in the Valley of the sun… Phoenix, Arizona

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