Homes for sale in 85254
Scottsdale's Golden Zip Code

Looking at Homes for sale in Scottsdale's 85254?
here's a Quick Overview of Scottsdale's Golden Zip Code

What makes homes for sale in 85254 the golden zip code, so golden? To begin, it is essential to understand that Scottsdale is known for its multiple 5-star resorts and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, Scottsdale continually attracts new visitors and new residents. It is also important to know that the City of Phoenix is known as one of the best run cities in America. Zip code 85254 combines the best of both worlds as such is a Scottsdale address according to the US Postal Service; however, it is an area that really belongs to the City of Phoenix when it comes to municipal services. Therefore, residents get prestige of a Scottsdale address with more municipal services and the benefit of a cheaper tax base being in the Phoenix municipality. These are the main reasons people are now swarming to this area and why it is known as one of the best places to live in Phoenix. Homes for Sale in 85254, the Golden Zip Code, were mostly built in the 1990s and consist of tile roofs with full stucco exterior cladding. The area provides a great family setting with pride of ownership neighborhood after neighborhood.


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