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Being the largest city in Arizona and 5th largest city in the nation, Phoenix has become a truly diverse cosmopolitan thriving metro area. Phoenix is known for its vast area of residential urban sprawl. The City of Phoenix and the New York City borough of Manhattan have approximately the same population; however, you can fit almost 23 Manhattans in the land area of Phoenix; however, Phoenix boasts an average commute time of 35 minutes. Homes for sale in Phoenix consist of mostly single-level or two story detached structures or high-density dwelling complexes of not much more than 400 units. Phoenix offers a wide variety of neighborhood types ranging from basic entry level housing to mega mansion luxury communities; as well as, a vibrant downtown district. Too immense to list here, Phoenix offers entertainment, education and business opportunities as diversified as its residential make-up. Homes for Sale in Phoenix come in all sizes and price ranges. Breathtaking golf courses and hiking trails, charming historic neighborhoods and sky raise condo towers culture and location, location, location are just a few of the things that make searching homes for sale in Phoenix a must.


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