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Located approximately 20 miles west of Downtown Phoenix, Goodyear Arizona combines a diverse blend of business, residential living, education and culture. Known for its connection to the Goodyear Tire Company, tightly spun strands of cotton from fields that dominated the landscape now known as Goodyear, were used to reinforce tires before the age of steel-belted. Homes for sale in Goodyear offer communities rich with a highly educated and skilled workforce, affordable housing, great proximity to major interstates and transportation hubs; not to mention, the presence of fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Nike, Amazon and UPS. Goodyear was recently ranked 2nd best places to live in America by Money Magazine. Search homes for sale in Goodyear Arizona if you want a safe affordable place to live, that’s surrounded by desert vistas, golf courses, lakes, parks, and palm-lined streets with mountain views.


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