First Time Home Buyer Programs in Arizona

Talbot Team Understands Arizona's First Time Home Buyer Assistance Programs

Worried you will never be able to save enough to buy your first home?

First time home buyer programs in Arizona are packed full of benefits and incentives that help folks realize the American dream of homeownership.  Arizona home buying programs are created to support ownership and build stronger more stable communities and municipalities.    First Time Home Buyer Assistance will often be manifested through grants and bonds which assist with paying down payment and closing costs for first time home buyers.  The term first time buyer is somewhat misleading as most programs do not require the purchase to actually be the first home a buyer has owned.   Also called first time homeownership grants or Arizona home buying programs, these programs have made the difference between owning a home or generational renting for many of our clients over the years.  Contrary to common belief, Arizona’s first-time home buyer programs are offered without restriction to area and are not just for certain homes.  There is a $400,000 purchase price limit.  Additionally, these grants do not have to be paid back unless you refinance or sell within 3-5 years.  Read More about down payment assistance for first time home buyers.

First time home Buyer Programs in arizona can be provided in the form of:

     – Grants
     – Reduced or eliminated mortgage                 insurance                                                     – Higher debt-to-income ratios                      (helps You qualify for a home)

Arizona Home buying programs Pay For:

       – Down payment
       – Closing costs
       – Can be used to buy down your                     interest rate

*  Take advantage of              these benefits with          credit as low as 640

Trust Talbot Real Estate Team's experience, knowledge and resources to guide you to homeownership.

"There are many reasons to buy a home as opposed to renting year after year. We help a lot of first time home buyers gain homeownership who otherwise thought they couldn't before they spoke with us."

-Tama Talbot Ortiz

Talbot Real Estate Team is proud to assist these Arizona communities for first time home buyer programs:





El Mirage








Sun City




The Top Reasons People Buy Instead of Rent.

With a fixed-rate mortgage on a home purchase, your mortgage payment can never change. Likewise, with a net of over 200 people moving into Metropolitan Phoenix area every day, the lack of housing supply is creating a surge in rental prices. It is anticipated that not only rents but property values will increase in the Phoenix area for the foreseeable future. With home ownership, avoid higher and higher rents and enjoy the benefit of increased value.
Owners of rental property, landlords, take the risk of buying homes and renting them out for a reason. The reason is, real estate is a great investment. You, as a renter, are paying for that landlord’s financial gain. In buying a home, you can be the one who reaps the benefits of owning property, whether you rent it out or just live there. If you have to live somewhere, wouldn’t it be better if you had something to show for all that money that goes toward your living expense. Let all the payment stability, appreciation, security and flexibility realized in owing a home work for you.

Gaining equity through reducing your loan balance with a portion of every payment and market value appreciation are probably the two most significant reasons to buy real estate. A buyer of an average home purchase in The Phoenix Metro Area, will gain a $59,000 benefit with home ownership over a 5 year period when compared to renting. That appreciation creates options. For example, you can borrow usable cash against that equity if circumstances present the need for cash. This is not to mention the ultimate option of the legacy you will leave.

When you rent, you are at the mercy of your landlord. If the landlord’s situation changes and he wants to sell, at the end of your lease term, you WILL be moving, want to or not.  Additionally, owning your own home means you can paint your children’s room any color you want, you can change your floors from carpet to wood, and you can put a new fan in the dining room without asking a landlord for permission. Oh yeah, this time you receive the benefit of the improvements… NOT your landlord.

How do I apply?

The are several First Time Home Buyer Programs , often called Down Payment Assistance or Housing Grants, available in the Greater Phoenix Arizona Metro Area. A combination of flexible qualifying criteria and generous benefits means there are options for every Home buyer.

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