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It is still a great time to buy real estate in the Metro Phoenix area.

Despite higher levels of inventory and raising interest rates, the cost of housing in the Greater Phoenix area has only just recently reached the national average. It is still a great time to buy a home in the Phoenix real estate market. The recent lull and dip in the market are just a minor correction caused solely by the highest and fastest interest rate increase in recorded history. This correction is not caused by irresponsible lending practices or a massive excess of homes for sale like in 2008. In the last 50 years there have been 5 other interest rate increases similar to what we are seeing in today’s market. Each of those interest rate events had a raise, peak and decline. The point to which those rates decreased was always back to the point where the rate increase started and always within 2 to 3 years. What this means is, that if history were to repeat itself, buying a home now, should provide an opportunity for lower interest refinance in the future. In the meantime, the agents at Talbot Team will help you weather the storm with tricks like permanent interest rate buy-downs and community revitalization grants. It also means that you will still enjoy value appreciation on your home, it will just not be as significant as it had been, not so long ago. There is always a lot of talk about how buying real estate is the biggest investment most people ever make. Whereas that is often true, don't let that kind of talk intimidate you, the members of Talbot Team make the process easy and stress free.

"By purchasing a home and starting to build equity now... your dreams, your options and your legacy will be realized in the future."

-Todd Talbot

Choosing Your Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

This is the first step in your journey to homeownership.  It is essential to choose the right professionals to help you along your pathway to the American dream.  Make sure that your agent works in the areas and price range that you will be interested in.  Communication is key.  At Talbot Team, we will be sure we fully understand each other at all times.  When choosing mortgage and real estate professionals, you should always contact a real estate professional first, as no one mortgage lender offers every financing option available.  A good real estate professional will determine your financial wants and needs, then place you with the appropriate financial outlet.  

Mortgage Programs and Qualifications

There are a lot of mortgage programs to choose from in today’s home loan market place.  Talbot Team is here to help you sort out which one is best for you. The mortgage qualification process provides endless twists and turns.  With terms like grant eligibility criteria, mortgage insurance rates and debt-to-income ratios, it could start to get confusing for potential buyers to determine if they are getting the best financing for thier qualifications.  Don’t worry, the agents Talbot Team will be there to walk you through all of the options.


Your Home Search

Talbot Team will be sure to show you all the homes that fit your target locations and include all the options and amenities you desire.  In addition, our Team will explain that all listings are not created equal and point you the to key purchasing power indicators.

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